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Parties and Elections in Europe provides a comprehensive database about the parliamentary elections in the European countries and autonomous subdivisions since 1945 and additional informations about the political parties, the political leaders, the composition of governments and the electoral laws. The parties are characterised according to their political orientation. The website also contains an electoral calendar, news in brief and links to parties and election authorities.

The database currently contains the results of legislative elections from all European countries and more than 100 subdivisions. Use the menu bar to find every listed country, region or province.

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  » Democracy is a matter not of expediency but of morality. «
Willy Brandt (German Federal Chancellor 1969 - 1974)  
  News in brief. Latest events around the world of parties and elections in Europe.
Parliamentary election · 06/04/2014.
Parliamentary election · 16/03/2014.
At a party convention on 1-2 March, Socialist People's Party (SF) voted to apply for full membership of the European Greens (EGP).
Source: EGP
The Democratic Party (PD) joined the Party of European Socialists (PES).
Source: PD
Former Serbian President Boris Tadić left the Democratic Party (DS), which he led from February 2004 until November 2012, and set up a new party called New Democratic Party / Nova Demokratska Stranka (NDS).
Source: B92
 Sardinia / I
Regional election · 16/02/2014.
January (2014)
On 30 January, at a meeting of the Positive Slovenia Executive Council, delegates voted to apply for full membership of the ALDE Party.
Source: ALDE
Liberal merger: The Liberal Forum (LIF) merged into The New Austria (NEOS) which took the name The New Austria and Liberal Forum / Das Neue Österreich und Liberales Forum (NEOS).
Source: Der Standard
December (2013)
 Aland / SF
Conservative merger: Independent Rally (ObS) and Moderates of Aland (M) set up a party called Moderate Coalition for Aland / Moderat Samling för Åland (M).
Sources: Nya Åland & SVD Nyheter
Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi relaunched his old party: The party People of Freedom (PDL) was renamed into Forward Italy (FI) and left the coalition government. A pro-government faction, led by Angelino Alfano and 29 MPs, founded a new party called New Centre-Right / Nuovo Centrodestra (NCD).
Sources: La Repubblica & Der Standard
Split: The christian-democratic wing and its 13 MPs left the liberal Civic Choice (SC) and launched a party called Populars for Italy / Popolari per l'Italia (PPI).
Sources: La Repubblica & Der Standard
 Basilicata / I
Regional election · 17-18/11/2013.
 South Tyrol / I
Regional election · 27/10/2013.
 Trento / I
Regional election · 27/10/2013.
 Czech Republic
Parliamentary election · 25-26/10/2013.
Parliamentary election · 20/10/2013.
Parliamentary election · 29/09/2013.
Parliamentary election · 22/09/2013.
 Hesse / D
State election · 22/09/2013.
 Bavaria / D
State election · 15/09/2013.
Parliamentary election · 08-09/09/2013.
The Liberal Party (PL) split: A pro government faction of seven MPs set up the Liberal Reformists Party (PLR). PLDM, PDM and PLR signed an agreement on the formation of a coalition government.
Sources: Infotag & European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
 Northern Cyprus
Parliamentary election · 28/07/2013.
Parliamentary election · 23/06/2013.
 Carinthia / A
The Freedomites in Carinthia (FPK) merged into the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). The FPK emerged as an independent party in December 2009 from the regional branch of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ).
Source: Der Standard
Merger: The centre-right party All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland (VOB) incorporated its electoral allies, the Front for Change (FZ), the Reforms and Order Party (PRP) and parts of the People's Movement of Ukraine (NRU).
Source: Ukrinform.ua
 Aosta Valley / I
Regional election · 26/05/2013.
A worldwide group of about 70 centre-left parties - including most major European social-democratic parties - founded a "Progressive Alliance (PA)". Intended as an alternative to the Socialist International, its stated goal is to make the 21 century "a century of democratic, social and environmental progress".
Sources: Spiegel Online & France24
Parliamentary election · 12/05/2013.
 Salzburg / A
State election · 05/05/2013.
 Tyrol / A
State election · 28/04/2013.
Parliamentary election · 27/04/2013.
 Friuli-Venezia Giulia / I
Regional election · 21-22/04/2013.
 EU (Croatia)
European Parliament election · 14/04/2013.
 Greenland / DK
Parliamentary election · 12/03/2013.
Parliamentary election · 09/03/2013.
 Carinthia / A
State election · 03/03/2013.
 Lower Austria / A
State election · 03/03/2013.
The green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP) split: A minority faction led by eight MPs set up a new party called Dialogue for Hungary (PM). The dissidents intend to join Together 2014 (E2014), an alliance of several opposition parties.
Sources: Pester Lloyd & Politics.hu
Parliamentary election · 24-25/02/2013.
 Lazio / I
Regional election · 24-25/02/2013.
 Lombardy / I
Regional election · 24-25/02/2013.
 Molise / I
Regional election · 24-25/02/2013.
 Aosta Valley / I
Three regional MPs of the centrist Valdotanian Union (UV) set up a centre-left party called Progressive Valdotanian Union/Union Valdôtaine Progressiste (UVP).
Source: AostaSera
Parliamentary election · 10/02/2013.
Parliamentary election · 03/02/2013.
 Lower Saxony / D
State election · 20/01/2013.
The National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) merged into the Social Democratic Party (PSD).
Source: Radio România
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