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    Parties and Elections in Europe        

Wolfram Nordsieck

Parties and Elections in Austria and South Tyrol

Parliamentary Elections and Governments since 1918
State Elections and State Governments
Political Orientation and History of Parties

Edition 2022

Published 22/04/2022 (Editing Status 31/12/2021)
204 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-7557-9460-8
EUR 24,90

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PARTIES AND ELECTIONS IN AUSTRIA AND SOUTH TYROL is a comprehensive reference guide to the federal and state elections and federal and state governments in Austria since 1918, the national and provincial elections and provincial governments in South Tyrol (Italy), the elections to the European Parliament and to all significant present and past political parties. Listed are more than 240 parties. The guide includes basic data of these parties (founding years, political orientations, affiliations to political parties at European level, European Parliament groups and political internationals) and a chronological summary of their history (predecessors, name changes, mergers and splits):

Basic data of more than 240 significant political parties:

Founding years, political orientations, affiliations to European political parties, groups in the European Parliament, political internationals and other transnational organisations, official websites (active and dissolved or inactive parties).

Chronological history of parties:

Origins, predecessors, historical predecessors, name changes, important mergers and splits.

Federal elections:

Detailed results of the federal elections in Austria and the national elections in Italy and South Tyrol since 1918.

Federal governments:

Heads of states, heads of governments and government parties (parties in cabinet) in Austria since 1918.

State elections:

Detailed results of the state elections in Austria since 1918 and the provincial elections in South Tyrol since 1948.

State governments:

Heads of state governments and government parties (parties in cabinet) since 1918 in Austria and heads of provincial governments and government parties since 1948 in South Tyrol.

Elections to the European Parliament:

Detailed results of the European Parliament Elections since 1979.

Contact information: Wolfram Nordsieck, Merkurstraße 1, 40223 Düsseldorf (Germany). Email: info[at]parties-and-elections.eu. News, suggestions and corrections are always welcome.